Medications for the treatment of HIV - Updated July, 2008
It should be understood that only a small percentage of people suffer debilitating side effects, and in most cases the side effects can be controlled if they know in advance what to expect if they should they occur. For information on where and how these medications work see T.A.S.K. lesson 2. For tips on managing side effects and adherence see T.A.S.K. lesson 3.

This is an entirely new class of drug for the treatment of HIV Integrase Inhibitors.

Isentress approved for HIV combination treatment for experienced patients on 10/12/2007

Usual Adult Dose
Possible Side Effects
Manufacturer & Patient Assistance Program information

Isentress Raltegravir

Adults take one 400 mg tablet taken twice a day, either with or without food

Seems well tolerated – with very few patients experiencing diarrhea, nausea, and headache



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