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The History of Positive Education, Inc.

July 20, 2008

Positive Education, Inc.

In November of 1997 Positive Education was incorporated as a non-profit (501 (c) (3)) educational organization to provide, all too often overlooked, patient and family treatment and wellbeing education information. Our original mission statement states, “The mission of Positive Education, Inc. is to provide quality information and education to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions, with the goal of giving hope, belaying fear and positively effecting self-esteem.”

The first, and what we hope to be many, curriculum, or course, to be developed was T.A.S.K. (The AIDS Survival Kit). This course is focused on HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), and recently has expanded to include HCV (hepatitis C virus). Future plans include other diseases such as lupus, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

The original curriculum was taught first in classroom type settings in groups at AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s) and Community Based Organizations (CBO’s). This is still the preferred method; however, not everyone has the time or the inclination to attend classed, so we developed audio CD’s (over 2,000 the majority of which were given away at conferences; some few we received donations from organizations for the CD’s). It was also about this time that we launched the website and made all the materials available in free downloads. Through the years we have taught to approximately 10,000 students (many repeats, but never on the same subject – this does not include the CD’s). Now we are in the process of developing on-line interactive classes, and downloadable interactive DVD matching materials utilizing courseware.

The reason we have diversified in so many ways is because people learn in different ways; some through sight, some through sound, and others by doing. We do our best to utilize all these methods based in sound cognitive theory.

We are also available to answer or research questions patients and family members, and support materials on our toll free number - 1-877-966-1558.

One area where we have not proven adept is fundraising, and we basically operate on a very meager budget gained mostly through teaching and speaking, so here is our pitch; if you think what we do is worthwhile please give if you can. We need money for audio and video studio time, conference displays, as well as day to day operations.

With gratitude to all that have helped,

Joseph L. Lennox-Smith, M.Ed., Exec. Director


T.A.S.K. (The AIDS Survival Kit) Objectives

To describe in general how the virus works and to show why adhering to set drug regiments is so important

To show how HIV is transmitted

To suggest ways transmission can be prevented

To dispel some of the fear and confusion that surrounds HIV/AIDS by increasing the understanding of the physical, social, psychosocial and economic aspects of the disease

To enhance self-esteem and positive thinking

The text version covers a wide range of issues. The online and audio version is more abbreviated.

Proper health care
Case management
How the virus works
The importance of viral load testing
Other factors to consider to maintain good health




The ADA and other laws that protect against discrimination
Partner notification
Leaving your job

Social Security (SSI & SSD)
Medicare and Medicaid
Returning to work
Vocational rehabilitation
Ryan White & General Revenue Funds
Housing (HOPWA)
Medications (ADAP & Patient Asst Programs)

Advance directives
Health Care Surrogate
Power of Attorney
Wills & Joint property
Bankruptcy & selling life insurance

Antiviral medications
Follow-up testing
Opportunistic Infections
Clinical trials


Nutrition; Vitamins; Exercise
Hygiene; Household; Pets; Lawn and Garden

Local, State & National


Presentations and Classes

Since the inception of Positive Education (PosED) we have thought T.A.S.K., HIV/AIDS 101, 104, update, and subject specific classes at schools, colleges, Professional Associations, churches, AIDS Service organizations, support groups, government agencies, and conferences throughout the state and nation. We have presented at 4 times at the AETC (AIDS Education Training Centers) state wide conferences, 7 times at the OASIS Positive Living Conference (They have provided our T.A.S.K. manual to participants at 5 conferences), The CDC National Prevention Conference, 2 times at The United States Conference on AIDS, NAPWA’s (The National People With AIDS) Strictly Positive Conference 5 times, and numerous other National and regional conferences. Our abstracts (author on one and co-author on another) were accepted and presented the XIV International Conference on AIDS in Barcelona Spain. Mr. Lennox-Smith is accepted for CME & CEU’s by most professional boards in the state of Florida and has provide them through other providers.

In 2004, in contract with Florida Family AIDS Network (Ryan White Title 4 Grantee), Mr. Lennox-Smith personally taught 825 students in primarily Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) support groups, and court ordered drug rehabilitation groups. The gender demographic break-down for those classes where were: Male = 40.3%, Female = 43.7%, Transgender = 1 %, Unknown = 15% The racial figures were: Caucasian = 38.3 %, Black/non-Hispanic = 26%, Hispanic = 10.1 %, Asian = 2.4%, Native American = .2 %, and unknown = 23 % The age demographics were: 15-19 = 3.2%, 20-29 = 25%, 30-39 = 20%, 40-49 = 20.4%, >50 = 12%

The preceding demographics accurately represent the overall demographics of our students. The court ordered classes were held at the Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida which is a mandatory residential facility (convicted drug offenders).

Our course material is general, and through the years we have served the broadest range of demographics.

The Materials and Organization Job Descriptions

For a donation of $25.00 (based on ability to pay) organizations or individuals can join us and become “associates” of PosED. Our associates have the right to reproduce our copy written text material at no charge. They receive free updates (usually every 6 months) and support via our toll free number and web site (www.pos-ed.org) or e-mail at task@pos-ed.org. We provide “Train-the-trainer” classes at $500.00, or a sliding scale based on ability to pay plus expences. All donations are based on ability to pay; however, HIV infected individuals and their families are never charged for any services irregardless of finical status. All materials are available free of charge on our web site. Our toll free number is available to all consumers for information and referral.

The organization is small in structure, and currently requires only 3 staff positions. There descriptions follow:

Executive Director:

Administrative authority

Program development

Funding development



Public relations

Executive Assistant:


General office management/clerical

Associate Contact

Reproduction and Distribution of materials

Education Director: (currently vacant)


Current Board of Directors

Thomas Economos, LCSW, MPH, Pres.; Cameron MacDoogle, V.P., Dorece Norris, MD, ID;,Tres ; Brian Lennox-Smith , Sec; Jennifer Allen, MSW; Mary Adams, MSW; Carole Harvell, ARNP, MS.N; Lisle House, FL DOH Area 6, Ret; L. William Luria, MD.,PA.; Sue Stephens, LMHC;

Advisory Board

Jay Wolfson, Dr .PH.,JD.; Barbara Clark-Alexander, MSW; Mary Burke, MA.; Kathy LaRoche; Teresa Kelly.; Aaron Smith, Ph.D.; Hilda H. Genco, M. Ed.;

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